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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Carpet Cleaning

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Carpet Cleaning


If you really want to maintain your property, hiring a professional carpet cleaner should be one of your top priorities. Not only will you be able to ensure that your home is completely clean, it would also be free of harmful dirt and germs. Additionally, even though daily vacuuming can help you keep dust and dirt at bay, there is still some that are stuck in the fibers. This could cause allergies, and a number of health issues. Not just that let us not forget about the dirty paws of your pets–this could cause stains and discoloration on your carpet. Aside from that, here are some other reasons that should inspire you to hire a professional carpet cleaner.

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner

            1. Time Saver
Professional carpet cleaners are heaven-sent, especially to busy individuals who still want to maintain their properties. They can conveniently schedule a carpet cleaning service, and have your carpet cleaned even when you are away. This would also allow you to stay out of your house while your carpet is drying. For those who have tried cleaning their carpets, they’d agree that it can be labor-intensive and could even take a full day to finish.

            2. Carpet Cleaners Have the Experience and Expertise
In any job, hiring professionals is ideal. This holds true
with carpet cleaners as well. Not all have the knowledge
about carpets, and it is actually more complicated than you probably imagined. First, you have to balance the amount of soap you are going to use for every liter of water. Keeping the carpet at proper moisture is also important, as it would prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Furthermore, only professionals have the right cleaning tools and equipment needed and they know how to use them properly and efficiently.

           3. Make Your Carpet Look As Good As New
Everybody wants a clean house and clean carpets. Property owners who lease their places to tenants must know that having clean carpets is essential when it comes to marketing rentals. As much as possible, we all want to have a healthy and safe environment.However, it is also important that the carpet looks inviting and beautiful at the same time. This can be enjoyed with the help of a professional carpet cleaning service. They have the ability to remove stubborn stains, as well as the embedded dirt from the carpet.

In most instances, after a professional carpet cleaning service, the carpets regain their original beauty and quality. This is possible because professionals make it a point to use a process that would extend the life of the carpet. Thus, the overall look is improved, and your house feels clean and fresh.

          4. No Need to Worry About Transporting Heavy and Bulky Machinery
Not only will it cost you a hefty amount of cash, carpet cleaning machinery requires a lot of storage space. Likewise, even if you rent a machine, you’ll still need to figure out how you’re going to transport it to your home. Most steam cleaners are bulky and heavy; they hardly fit in a car’s trunk. That is why it is always practical to hire a professional cleaner instead.

          5. Enjoy Optimum Protection
With the help of carpet cleaning professionals, you will have the guarantee that you will be able to protect your fancy carpets against stains and accidents. There are cleaning agents that can be applied to shield the fibers against wear and tear, as well as stains and spills. However, since it’s a mixture of chemicals, only professionals are allowed to use this.

         6. Warranty
Carpet warranties usually require the property owner to utilize routine, proper care to be valid. The schedule for deep cleaning is usually every 12-18 months. That is why it is advisable to check your carpet manufacturer’s warranty for specifics as you will be able to keep track of your scheduled cleanup.

        7. Improve Comfort

Plain and simple. Nothing is more comfortable than having clean carpet, and obviously, a clean house. Clean carpet smells fresh and this would make you feel great almost instantly. Not just that, the feel of walking on a clean carpet is wonderful. Although you can perform regular vacuuming, you still have to hire a professional if you want to maintain that feel. Rest assured that it would be worth the investment.




Final Words
Due to the fact that there are several types of carpet, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is highly recommended. These people know how to treat each type of carpet and they will use the appropriate solution to remove stains and dust that are stuck in between the fiber. Best of all, with the help of a professional you will be able to enjoy the benefits discussed above.


Why Winter is the best time to clean your carpet filter


Did you know that your carpet is the biggest filter, in your home or office? It can trap all type of pollutants like cooking grease, nicotine, pet dander and other allergens. Here are some reasons why you need to clean your carpets, especially in the winter months.

Allergies: We tend to spend more times indoors, during the cold winter month. A good deep cleaning will remove those pollutants, helping to bring you and your family, or co-workers, allergy relief.

Germs: Spending more times indoors means that we are more likely to spread germs from cold viruses. Cleaning your carpets and upholstery will help to create a healthier indoor air environment.

More traffic: Carpets and upholstery get more use during the winter months. Regular cleaning will help you protect your investment


What causes dark lines on a carpet ?


Spokane Carpet Cleaning, Spokane WA, Spokane Residents, WA Residents: Have you ever wonder what these dark lines along your carpets are?

Dark lines along walls, stairs and under doors or draperies are called filtration soiling. Filtration soiling is associated with air pollution that infiltrates and ex filtrates through the cracks and small spaces.Filtration soiling is a specialty soil and may permanently alter the appearance of the carpet. This require the use of specialty spotting solutions and tools. Call your local carpet cleaning technician, JR carpet cleaning, to help you with this issue.

filtration lines

Dark line along walls


Looking for a professional friendly Carpet cleaning technician.



Carpet Cleaning Spokane, Spokane WA, and Spokane Residents –Looking for a professional friendly Carpet cleaning technician.

If you live in Spokane, Spokane WA, and are searching for a professional carpet cleaning service in Spokane, JR Professional Carpet Cleaning, offers the quality craftsmanship that creates loyal lifetime customers. We use the latest state-of-the-art hot water extraction, safe and biodegradable organic cleaning materials. We also use non-toxic cleaning to eliminate allergens from your house.





Spokane Best Carpet Cleaner

JR provide an Outstanding Carpet cleaning in the Inland Northwest, while providing a great customer service. We provide carpet cleaning service, Pet treatment, Stain and Spot Removal, and more. All our carpet cleaning products are top-notch and do the right job for us. We are committed to quality and that is our ultimate tag line: “ONE QUALITY JOB AT A TIME.” Give us a call and we assist you in your need.

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Do you know…


Do you know that when using household cleaning agents, fabric softeners, deodorizers and cleaning products that contains bleach can cause damage color or discoloration to your carpet?  absolutely… these household cleaning agents contains strong PH (acidic), and when in contact with your carpets creates color loss in your carpets. It is good to use them but use them cautiously and safely in order to prevent discoloration in your carpet.

How to maintain your carpet

capture1Accident happen, such as spilling on the carpet. Make sure you act right away by blotting the spot with a rag. Put pressure and soak it until you absorb the liquid from your carpet.

Also make sure you vacuum regularly your carpet can extend the life of your carpet as well as the health of your family.

Spokane Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Protector

Carpet protectors won’t prevent your carpet from getting dirty. However, they do help your carpet stay cleaner longer. Carpet Protector maintain the quality and extend the life of your carpet. Carpet protector improves the release of dirt, dusts, spills moistures and oils from your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Spokane – Types of Carpet


We have two types of Carpets:
a: Carpet that are made of Natural Fiber
b: Carpet that are made of Synthetic Fiber

  • Natural fibers originate from plants, animals and insects. They are not as common as synthetics fibers. Wool is an example of Natural Fiber. Wool has a high resiliency, which is an ability to spring back. Wool is flame resistant and it is a carpet of choice for many commercial applications. Another facts about Wool, is that it is very absorbent, soil resistant.
  • Synthetic fibers are man-made fibers. Olefin , Polyester and Nylon are types of synthetic fiber. Olefin carpets are the least absorbent, stain resistant; however, they have low resiliency. Olefin and Polyester are found mainly on apartments. Nylon on the other hand is found commonly in residential home.  Nylon is very resistance and when maintain properly will last for years

How to remove spills from carpet

Spokane Carpet cleaning

No one likes when there is a spill on their carpet, but with the help of our Carpet Cleaning Techs, it can be cleaned before it becomes a permanent part of the carpet.

Here are the steps to take for a proper spills removal:

a. Get a professional carpet cleaning solution for the specific spills

b. Do a spot test. Using the ideal cleaning solution, get a clean cloth, put some of the solution, and get into the closet for example

c. The spot test should reveal whether the solution did not cause lost in the carpet color or not.

  •  Here are the First Aid Response tips for your Carpet Cleaning Spills

Coffee Stains

Blotting: Get a white cloth and blot the stained area until it dries. You need a few pieces of dry cloth for two reasons. First, you need to change cloth as it absorbs the spilled beverage. Second, you need to work your way inwards to prevent the spill from spreading to a larger area.

Home-made solution: Prepare a solution of water, vinegar, and a non-bleach detergent. Apply it on the stained area, rinse it and repeat as necessary. If this method does not work, it’s time to move on to the next method.

Commercial solution: Look for a solution specifically design to treat coffee stains on carpets. Read the directions for use carefully before use.

Ink Stains

There are different type of Ink stains: Use these steps

Blotting: You need a piece of cloth to initially treat an ink stain. Never scrub or rub the cloth against the stain. This will spread the ink and will make cleaning more difficult for you.

Home-made solution: Use Isopropyl alcohol to dampen a white cloth and dab it on the ink stain starting on the outermost area and going inwards. For better results, use a high percentage of Isopropyl solution. In addition, the following alcohol-based agents also work: nail polish, hairsprays, vinegar, and white wine. Rinse the stained area with water and use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the remaining moisture.

Commercial solution: Purchase a chemical-based solution ……. read the directions and precautions for carpet stain removal, and apply as directed on the stained area.

Blood Stains

Blotting: Cleaning blood stains is a bit different. Instead of you spraying just enough liquid on the stained part, you need to liberally soak the same area for faster stain removal.

Home-made solution: Use cold water and an anti-grease detergent to spray the stained part. Get a dry cloth to absorb the moisture. Repeat the process as necessary.

Commercial solution: OxiClean is only among the popular products specifically designed to treat blood stains. Use it with either cold or warm water.